Kara's List - Fourth Week of October 2019

Happy Wednesday! Here are my top picks for the week! Enjoy…

Kara Theresa Kara's List Fourth Week of October .jpg

ONE - This stool can be used in so many areas in your home! Place one by itself, sitting in front of a chair or style a pair of them in front of your bed!

TWO - I can’t get over the price of these nesting coffee tables… they are a STEAL! If you know me or my work, you know I love anything rattan and woven. These tables would look gorgeous together or purchase three of the smaller size, stack side by side, and you got yourself a beautiful coffee table situation!

THREE - This site has so many affordable art options, including photography, paintings and drawings! They also have a large collection of prints and this black and white palm print is a favorite of mine! You can order this frame in five different sizes and you have close to twenty different frames to choose from.

FOUR - I wear sunglasses every day, whether rain or shine… I know, its obnoxious. This company has so many frame shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. The quartz color on this frame would pair great with my very neutral, winter wardrobe.

FIVE - In the cold months, I live in boots. The beaded trim on these boots has just the right amount of detail, without being too glitzy.

SIX - What’s a good accessory for a coffee table? Click here. This reclaimed wood links chain is a great centerpiece that can be draped across your table or it can be arranged in a sculptural sphere.

SEVEN - This antique brass leaf platter is a perfect tray for the fall. Sit this beside your kitchen sink as a ring dish or you can buy multiples and use them as part of your holiday table settings.

EIGHT - I am all about the subtle yet sophisticated detail on this bowl. This ceramic bowl comes in six different color options but the gray and linen are my personal favorites!



Kara’s List - Third Week of October 2019

Happy Wednesday!

My weekly lists will consist of my favorite items, whether it be clothing and shoes or furniture and tabletop. I source interior furniture, fixtures, fabric etc. for my clients but the majority of what I source for projects is from trade only vendors (not retail stores). BUT that’s why I started this blog!

Having this weekly list allows me to share with you my favorite retail items that you can easily click & shop!

Kara Theresa Kara's List Third Week of October .jpg

ONE - I have always been a fan of acrylic book stands! Most of the living rooms that I design are centered around an oversized coffee table or ottoman. Stacking books on a coffee table is a go to for me but this book stand adds height and dimension to your table scape. I am sourcing this stand for a project in the works so stay tuned!

TWO - When selecting fabrics for a room, I tend to pick neutrals for the big upholstery items like sofas and chairs. I add fun patterns and textures with throw pillows and blankets. Sometimes I will bring in pops of color with throw pillows, but more times than not, I stick with a natural based pillow that has a chunky woven design. This pillow is a subtle way to add texture to your sofa!

THREE - I’ve been rocking headbands since grammar school…way before Blair Waldorf was on the scene! I bought this headband this past weekend and am loving all the colors it comes in.

FOUR - A teapot is a great accessory for the kitchen. You can keep it on your stove top or display it on open shelves. You can’t go wrong with this white & wood combination!

FIVE - I have an obsession with teddy coats! This teddy liner is the ideal weight so you don’t have to worry about constantly taking it on and off. It comes in oatmeal, navy and brown and I am a fan of all three color options!

SIX - This lettuce ware collection has been a favorite of mine for years! The collection comes in white and green but the white is a perfect base to mix with other dishes that you have. The texture on this vase is gorgeous!

SEVEN - Art is extremely personal and very tricky to select for projects. Some of my clients have a collection of art that they would like to integrate into each space, whereas other clients look to me for ideas and sources. This papier-mâché wall decor is a beautiful, affordable and multidimensional piece that would look great standing alone or in a gallery wall setting.

EIGHT - I bought this blanket set for Sterling. The puckering gauze material is gorgeous! When the set first arrived, the fabric seemed rough but once I washed the blankets, they were so soft . The scalloped, lace trim comes in eight color ways that are the perfect shades of muted colors. Stay tuned for Sterling’s nursery reveal to see this blanket set featured!



Kara’s List - Second Week of October 2019

Hi guys!

The last time I blogged was over four years ago. At that time, I was working for a design firm in Richmond, VA and was blogging on the side with the intention of turning “Kara Theresa” into an Interior Design company. In the spring of 2016, my husband and I moved back to New Jersey and I stopped the blog to focus solely on growing my business, Kara Theresa LLC.

Three and a half years later, I’ve got the cutest little four and a half month old girly, the most supportive husband and a growing business with new, exciting projects in the works!


Because I love shopping. AND I constantly get asked what my favorites are for home decor, tabletop, clothing, shoes, accessories and many more! I believe that someone’s personal style should coincide with the style of their home. For example, if your wardrobe consist of jeans, brown, leather shoes and white tops, your home should could consist of shades of white textures, with touches of brown, leather furniture and varying blue fabrics.

The 8 items listed below are just some of my fall favorites, both home decor and fashion picks. Some of these items I have purchased for myself, some are sitting in my cart and some are accessories that are spec for a current project.

Kara Theresa Kara's List October 1.jpg

ONE - I'm all about keeping the kitchen counter minimal and de-cluttered. If you use your knife set on the reg, opt for this chic marble block.

TWO - I live in flats! I have a pair of similar Madewell, brown flats that I wear several times a week. I love this color & am always a fan of the pointed toe.

THREE - Obsessed with the combination of glass, vegetable leather and brass details. Top off this canister with some greenery and you’re good to go!

FOUR - When it comes to holiday decor, I like to keep it very simple and make sure that the decorations mesh well with my aesthetic. These pumpkins are the best centerpiece for a coffee or dining table.

FIVE - You can never go wrong with white dishes! I love the textured, white glaze of these mugs.

SIX -I have a million throw blankets in my apartment but I think it’s completely appropriate considering I am always cold…right?! This plaid throw will be a timeless piece in your home. Use code GUESTPREP to get 20% off your purchase!

SEVEN - Current Elliot has the softest jeans so I turned to them for my most recent purchase. I bought this pair and am expecting them in the mail any day now. Use code CEFRIENDS to get 30% off your purchase!

EIGHT - This is the time of year where I start to have a candle burning at all hours of the day. Madewell carries some of my favorite candles and I love the sleekness & scent of this one.